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內容簡介top The Routledge Companion to Education 簡介 Who are the key thinkers in education?What are the hot topics in education?Where will education go from here?The Routledge Companion to Education presents the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide available to the key theories, themes and topics in education. Forty specially commissioned chapters, covering all aspects of education, introduce you to the ideas, research and issues that have shaped this most diverse, dynamic and fluid field.Part one provides an introduction to the key theories, thinkers and disciplines within educationPart two covers ideas and issues about how, what and why learning takes placePart three includes analysis on particular approaches to education and explores the issues that attract much contemporary interest.Written by an international team of expert contributors, the chapters all include a descriptive introduction, an analysis of the key ideas and debates, an overview of the latest research, key questions for research and carefully selected further reading. The Routledge Companion to Education is a succinct, detailed, authoritative overview of the topics which are at the forefront of educational research and discourse today. This classic collection is a bookshelf essential for every student and scholar serious about the study of education.

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