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The objective was to bring together in one book those topics which the authors consider to be essential to the subject of analytical biochemistry. In the introductory section to each chapter, there is a brief explanation of the scientific basis of the topic and this is followed by a discussion of the analytical methods which are relevant. While it is not intended that it should be a book of "recipes", technical details for many of the methods described are given. It is intended that the book should provide enough information to enable a student to select a technique or series of techniques which would be appropriate for a particular analytical problem and to be able to develop a valid and reliable analytical method. The topics covered in the book fall into three main groups. Analytical techniques such as spectroscopy, chromatography, etc. are particularly important in analytical biochemistry as well as in analytical chemistry generally. The principles of each technique are explained and the scope and applications are discussed. There are chapters on enzymes, antibodies and radio-isotopes, substances which it may be necessary to detect and measure but which also can be very useful in a variety of analytical methods. Here again, the basic theory is explained before discussing their applications in analytical biochemistry. Finally, there are four chapters which explain the chemical nature and methods of analysis of the major groups of biologically important compounds, namely, carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins and lipids. At the end of each chapter, several books are listed for further reading.

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