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Handbook of inclusive education for educators, administrators, and planners : within walls, without boundaries /

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The Handbook of Inclusive Education advocates the importance of inclusive education. It presents a collection of various models, practices, experiences, first-hand accounts and success stories from India, where inclusive education has been implemented. It also identifies and analyzes challenges to the Indian education system, while offering possible strategies and solutions for all education systems implementing inclusion policies. The book is divided into three parts. Part one gives an overview of the concept and practice of inclusive education and also discusses legal and policy aspects. Part two describes innovative practices in the implementation of inclusive education for children with a wide range of disabilities, such as: - Hearing Impairment - Visual Impairment - Orthopedic Impairment - Learning Disability - Cerebral Palsy - Intellectual Impairment - Autism Spectrum Disorders. Part three discusses current developments in the fields of inclusive education and describes what a `real' inclusive school should be like.

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