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Gene exppression: general and cell-type-specific/

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This exciting collection of review articles provides a comprehensive introduction to this important area of molecular biology - written by the world's top molecular and cellular biologists. Each chapter begins with the basic concepts and progresses to a state-of-the-art review of current literature, making the book invaluable for students entering the field. Seasoned researchers will value the keen insights into related areas, such as immunology, neuroscience, and endocrinology. Topics include: Basic transcription; Cell differentiation and plasticity; Gene regulation by steroid hormones; Cellular proliferation; Muscle-specific gene expression; Gene expression and differentiation in the hematopoietic system; Hepatic gene expression and its regulation; Gene expression and differentiation of neuroendocrine cells. This book is the first in a series covering all aspects of gene expression and regulation, and related areas of molecular biology. It is essential reading for all molecular biologists, cell biologists, biochemists, and biotechnologists.

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