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The first edition of Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology set a new standard for introductory textbooks. This new edition builds on that success and raises the standard to a new level. Comprehensive, understandable, and now completely updated, this engaging book captures superbly the intriguing world of sport and exercise psychology. It not only explains the basic concepts and principles in the field, but it also shows how they can be applied to counseling, teaching, coaching, sports medicine, and fitness instruction. Give your students more in-depth information Every chapter of Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Second Edition) is completely up-to-date with the latest research and practice in sport and exercise psychology. The book retains its broad scope, but as requested by numerous instructors the new edition covers more topics in greater depth: • Exercise motivation • Cooperation and competition • Group and team behavior • Leadership • Communication skills • Arousal regulation • Self-confidence • Achievement motivation • Goal orientations • Anxiety and performance • Intrinsic motivation • Concentration/attentional control • Exercise and psychological well-being • Imagery • Goal setting • Psychology of injury • Substance abuse and eating disorders • Burnout and overtraining • Children in sport and exercise • Character development and sportspersonship A text that works hard to make learning easier The second edition retains the acclaimed organization of the first edition, and it features even more special elements. More practical examples, case studies, and anecdotes; more critical thinking questions; and more references all make this new edition a rich learning resource. Students will also benefit from these helpful features: • Chapter objectives • Over 230 photos, figures, tables, other and graphic elements • Chapter summaries • Key terms • Review questions • Author/subject index Written by internationally-recognized leaders in the field, Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Second Edition) will inform and energize students. It’s a superb text for presenting the basic concepts of sport and exercise psychology.

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