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內容簡介top The Guinness Drinking Companion 簡介 Take delicious sips from the literature of brews and spirits. Leslie Dunkling, under the imprimatur of the world's most famous brewer, gives readers a comprehensive introduction to the history and range of alcoholic beverages. Dunkling amasses poems, bits of biography, and clips from novels that show numerous coincidences between alcohol and literature. Chapters include "Liquid Magnanimity-The Wines of the World;" "Lifting the Spirits-The Spirits and Liqueurs of the World;" and "Something Brewing-Beers, Ales, and Stouts." Peppered with quotations from literary figures, including Charles Dickens, John Steinbeck, Thomas Hardy, and William Shakespeare, and many others, The Guinness Drinking Companion is sure to please lovers of fine literature and imbibers alike. It is a fascinating and often amusing look at the literature and history of alcoholic beverages.

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