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Performance-based assessment for middle and high school physical education /

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This practical resource is the first book to help teachers develop and implement performance-based assessment for middle and secondary school physical education. Whether you're a pre-service teacher or a veteran, you're sure to be called on to write assessments and provide solid data that demonstrate the outcomes for students in your physical education curriculum. Use this step-by-step book to guide you—it thoroughly covers all the fundamentals of designing and implementing continuous performance-based assessment. One of the most challenging parts of assessments is writing rubrics—scales that break down the skills and knowledge mastery by which to evaluate students' learning performance. This book explains how to write effective rubrics more easily and provides sample rubrics that can be tailored for different activities and students. The authors provide the following features: • Identify problem areas in traditional physical education and explain how using performance-based assessment can improve student learning. • Explain that you don't have to totally rewrite your program—they include practical guidelines for slowly working performance-based assessments into your existing curriculum. • Clearly describe different types of assessment and how to write the rubrics for each. • Demonstrate how rubrics simplify the difficult task of grading students and enable positive outcomes for both teacher and students. • Give valuable resource hints for advanced teachers developing assessments on different topics. You'll also find the following features: • 10 performance-based assessments and their corresponding rubrics • Complete performance-based assessment unit plans for team and individual sport units that you can modify and photocopy • A chapter devoted to grading methods as well as and common pitfalls and how to avoid them • A NASPE chart that spells out how standards are met Performance-Based Assessment for Middle and High School Physical Education is packed with ideas and suggestions to help teachers efficiently and effectively develop performance-based assessments—even in large classes. Use it as a springboard for your own imagination and creativity and as a trusted tool for bringing assessment to life in your classroom so that both you and your students come out as winners.

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