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Team sports, gymnastics, and dance in community settings : a guide for teachers, coaches, and parents /

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• Identify the qualities that are essential for a safe and appropriate sport, gymnastics, or dance program. • Assess teachers and coaches to identify qualified instructors. • Evaluate program guidelines to determine what constitutes a safe and comprehensive program. Millions of young people participate in school- and community-based physical activity and sport programs. Most parents support their children’s involvement in these programs because the programs promote physical fitness, development of motor skills, self-confidence, social skills, and a physically active lifestyle. In fact, parents are increasingly supporting their children’s participation in these activities at younger and younger ages. But children are not small adults; they have special needs for safe progression and participation. This publication can guide parents in their search for safe and appropriate activity or sport programs and assist coaches and leaders who want to offer developmentally appropriate activities. Team Sports, Gymnastics, and Dance in Community Settings: A Guide for Teachers, Coaches, and Parents is the guidebook that every parent, coach, teacher, and administrator needs to read to select or assess a program in which their child is enrolled. For parents seeking a dance, gymnastics, or team sport program, the guide describes appropriate practices and content for teaching preschoolers through high school students. The guide examines key factors for selecting a program as well as criteria for assessing teachers and coaches. The book provides valuable information and tips so that you can make informed decisions about choosing the program that is right for your child.

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