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In photochemical reactions, such as photosynthesis, light energy initiates a chemical reaction. In the jellyfish we have just the opposite situation. That is, light energy is produced by a chemical reaction. The production of light energy by a chemical reaction is known as chemiluminescence. If it is produced by living organisms, such as the jellyfish, it is known as bioluminescence. This text emphasizes the relevance of chemistry to the world around us. Both within the text and in the essays entitled "Making It Real" you will find discussions of how the abstract subject of chemistry relates to the reality of our everyday lives. The Making It Real essay in Chapter 13 discusses bioluminescence that was first noticed in fireflies. Discover a fascinating, living science! From the mysteries of dark matter to the power of lightning, few subjects are more fascinating and relate more directly to everyday life than chemistry. Now redesigned and revised to promote visualization and enhance understanding, the new Seventh Edition of Leo Malone's Basic Concepts of Chemistry captures the excitement of this dynamic field, and presents it in a way that is easy to learn. Covering all the essential topics in a student-friendly style, this best-selling preparatory chemistry text provides students with all the help they need to master basic concepts, overcome common math difficulties, and develop strong problem-solving skills. Highlights of the Seventh Edition * NEW! Making It Real sections relate the subject at hand to high-interest topics that demonstrate applications and motivate learning. * NEW! Redesigned artwork enhances visualization of key topics and illustrates the molecular nature of chemistry. * NEW! The book's Web site includes a new bonus chapter on Biochemistry as well as the chapter on Organic Chemistry. * NEW! eGrade, Wiley's online quizzing and homework management program, allows students to do practice tests and email assignments directly to the instructor. * The author's student-friendly writing style is enhanced with easy-to-understand analogies and examples of current topics of interest. * Frequent testing through in-chapter Checking It Out sections, end-of-chapter problems (100 new to this edition!), and cumulative tests reinforces concepts and study skills on an ongoing basis. * Interactive Learning problems on the Web show how to set up and solve problems, and provide immediate feedback. * Extensive appendices help ease math anxieties and provide a quick and effective review of the mathematical concepts used in introductory chemistry.

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