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Celestial navigation made easy : using a pocket calculator /

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內容簡介top Celestial Navigation Made Easy: Using a Pocket Calculator 簡介 Celestial navigation has never been easier. The modern mariner can be too modern for his own good, particularly when he's a thousand miles offshore and his expensive electronic navigation systems are disabled by lightning. That's where CELESTIAL NAVIGATION MADE EASY comes in. Beginning with a brief outline of the solar system, the longtime blue-water sailor Francois Meyrier provides a step-by-step guide to finding your position on the ocean, both with and without a pocket calculator. Meyrier's ingenious method calls for only elementary math, so there is no need for lengthy sight reductions. Clear, carefully drawn illustrations will help orient novices, and provide a crucial brush-up for old salts. Chapters cover the sextant, weather, longitude and latitude, basic trigonometry, azimuth, meridian, troubleshooting, exercises and answers, and a chart of star locations. No sailor should be without CELESTIAL NAVIGATION MADE EASY.

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