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The sport psychologist's handbook : a guide for sport-specific performance enhancement /

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內容簡介top The Sport Psychologist's Handbook 簡介 About the Editor. Contributors. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION 1: Introduction to Working with Athletes. Chapter 1 Applied Sport Psychology: A New Perspective (Joaqu璯 Dosil). Chapter 2 Enhancing Coach-Athlete Relationships: Cognitive-Behavioral Principles and Procedures (Frank L. Smoll and Ronald E. Smith). Chapter 3 Providing Sport Psychology Services to Families (David N. Sacks, Gershon Tenenbaum, and David Pargman). Chapter 4 An Overview of Interventions in Sport (Robert N. Singer and Mark H. Anshel). Chapter 5 Assessment, Evaluation and Counseling in Sport (Robert N. Singer and Mark H. Anshel). SECTION 2: TEAM SPORTS. Chapter 6 Using Sport Psychology to Improve Basketball Performance (Kevin L. Burke). Chapter 7 Psychological Interventions with Football (Soccer) Teams (Joaqu璯 Dosil). Chapter 8 'Focused Baseball': Using Sport Psychology to Improve Baseball Performance (Tom Hanson). Chapter 9 'Thinking Rugby': Using Sport Psychology to Improve Rugby Performance (Ken Hodge, Chris Lonslade and Alex McKenzie). Chapter 10 Psychological Aspects in the Training and Performance of Team Handball Athletes (John M. Silva). Chapter 11 Skill Learning from an Expertise Perspective: Issues and Implications for Practice and Coaching In Cricket (Sean Mler and Bruce Abernethy). SECTION 3: INDIVIDUAL SPORTS. Chapter 12 The Psychology of Athletics (Joaqu璯 Dosil). Chapter 13 Sport Psychology and Tennis (Robert Weinberg). Chapter 14 Golf: Sport Psychology Challenges (Linda K. Bunker). Chapter 15 Psychology of Cycling (Jim Taylor and Jeff Kress). SECTION 4: COMBAT SPORTS. Chapter 16 Application of Sport Psychology for Optimal Performance in Martial Arts (Mark H. Anshel and John M. Payne). Chapter 17 Psychological Factors and Mental Skills in Wrestling (Brent S. Rushall). SECTION 5: WINTER SPORTS. Chapter 18 Sport Psychological Consulting in Ice Hocky (Wayne Halliwell, Len Zaichkowsky and Cal Botterill). Chapter 19 A Mental Preparation Guide for Figure Skaters: A Developmental Approach (Eva V. Monsma and Deborah L. Feltz). SECTION 6: WATER SPORTS. Chapter 20 The Sport Psychology of Olympic Sailing and Windsurfing (Ian Maynard). Chapter 21 Psychological Aspects of Rowing (Michael Kellmann, Gaby Bu羥ann, Dorothee Anders and Sebastian Schulte). Chapter 22 High Performance Thinking for Professional Surfers (Michael Martin). SECTION 7: MOTOR SPORTS. Chapter 23 Psychological Training in Motorcycling (Joaqu璯 Dosil and Enrique J. Garc廥 de Los Fayos). SECTION 8: SHOOTING SPORTS. Chapter 24 Psychological Aspects of Archery (Kathleen M. Haywood). SECTION 9: EQUESTRIAN SPORTS. Chapter 25 Of Two Minds: Consulting with the Horse and Rider Team in Dressage, Showjumping and Polo (Grace Pretty and Don Bridgeman). SECTION 10: FITNESS SPORTS. Chapter 26 Sport Psychology and Fitness Activities (Diane L. Gill). Chapter 27 Psychology and Bodybuilding (Dave Smith). Chapter 28 Sport Psychology in Gymnastics (Karen

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