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Pharmacology for physical therapists /

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This core textbook in pharmacology presents basic pharmacologic principles along with the mechanism of action and side effects of drugs commonly seen in physical therapy practice. Chapters are organized using a systems approach with each section beginning with the pathophysiology of disease and continuing with a discussion of the drug groups used for treatment. Sections end with a discussion about how drugs affect physical therapy intervention and how physical therapy may affect drug effectiveness. Adverse drug reactions are reviewed and the therapist is then counseled on the appropriate emergency or non-emergency intervention necessary. The last two chapters of the book provide an in-depth discussion regarding the medication/exercise response as it pertains to cardiopulmonary illnesses, oncology, and diabetes. * Uniquely designed for physical therapists; discusses drugs within the confines of what might be seen in the PT clinic or in a home care situation. * Free 6-month subscription to MDConsult provides generic and brand names for all drugs approved by the FDA (prescription and OTC) along with current, unbiased accurate information regarding safety and efficacy. * Case studies apply real life situations directly to physical therapy practice. * Discussion activities at the end of each chapter compel students or therapists to apply chapter information to physical therapy case scenarios. * Focuses on how various drugs affect a patient during therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation. * Includes information related to geriatrics, pediatrics and other lifespan implications.

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