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Many sales experts focus on a cookie-cutter sales "strategy," encouraging reps to push the customer through a pre-planned sales process -- an approach that can drive customers away. With ProActive Selling, reps have a wide variety of flexible and effective selling tactics to choose from. This enables them to adapt and approach each sales call uniquely and keep the customer at the center of every sales presentation. By learning to think like the customer, sales professionals will learn to shift their own focus from the selling process to the buying process, and how to use the right tool at the right time. Miller's 15 practical selling tools let sales professionals in any industry: * double the number of calls returned from prospective customers * call high (where buying decisions are really made) and stay there * increase the effectiveness of in-person and telephone sales interactions * own the process and own the deal Plus, they'll learn how to speak the right language to buyers at any level, get rid of the "maybes" in the sales funnel, and master the 7 Qualification Questions that keep their efforts focused on only the most worthwhile accounts.

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