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Up against the Wal-Marts : how your business can prosper in the shadow of the retail giants /

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Ten years ago, Up Against the Wal-Marts helped smaller businesses take on the corporate retailing empire. Now, with the giants bigger and more influential than ever, the underdogs have an even tougher struggle. The second edition of Up Against the Wal-Marts is here to help, with an updated focus on marketing and brand new ways to conquer (or at least co-exist with) the Goliaths of the shopping mall. The authors have updated many of the businesses profiled in the original edition--so readers can see how those companies have refined their operations to stay competitive-and they detail the best practices of hundreds of successful small companies. The book also examines several fast-growth chains in a variety of markets. With advice for improving customer service and loyalty, maximizing the power of electronic marketing, hiring and keeping great employees, and more, Up Against the Wal-Marts is a formidable strategic tool any business can use to become (and remain) competitive.

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