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Entrepreneur magazine's ultimate guide to direct marketing : how to deliver the right message to the right target for the best result /

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Deliver the right message to the right target for the best results. Americans spend over $528 billion annually in response to direct-mail marketing. If you want to reap your share of those profits, you've turned to the right place. With hot new marketing ideas and a fresh twist on old favorites, this book is a one-stop solution for small-business owners. In fact it's the only direct-marketing book that covers the recent anti-spam laws, cell phone telemarketing regulations and the National Do Not Call Registry. Inside you'll find: The four critical components of direct-marketing-the target, the message, the vehicle and frequency/timing - and how to get the maximum advantage from each Treid-and-true direct-marketing methods like postcards and newsletters - and how to tailor them to today”s marketplace New, high-tech direct-marketing techniques that stay within the law-but generate response beyond your expectations Insider tricks to using out-of-the-ordinary methods - like sweepstakes, contests and more-to your best advantage How to develop, plan, implement and evaluate an entire direct-marketing campaign with lower costs and higher returns than you ever dreamed possible

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