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Beating the deal killers : overcoming Murphy's law (and other selling nightmares) /

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What can go wrong will, in life and in sales. In Beating the Deal-Killers, sales consultant and coach Stephen Giglio identifies the key "Murphy's Laws" of selling - things than can go wrong, and often do, in sales presentations and client meetings. He shows how to turn Murphy's Laws around by anticipating problems, handling them deftly when they happen, and making the sale every time. Part basic selling strategy, part troubleshooting guide, Beating the Deal-Killers walks readers step-by-step through every stage of the sales meeting, from first contact with the client and the initial assessment of his needs to making the close and following up. A sales consultant to leading companies including American Express and Citicorp, Giglio anticipates what can go wrong and offers tips, pointers and sound advice for turning potential problems to your advantage. Grounded in common sense, with a real-world approach to the tough job of selling, Beating the Deal-Killers takes as its premise that people buy people first and products second. It shows: How to win over a reluctant or unfriendly client; How to conduct "reconnaissance" to uncover your client's secret needs and wants; How to prepare for a sales call so that you're not rehearsing at the last minute in your client's parking lot; How to use visual and verbal cues to keep your client's attention - and what to do when he starts doodling on his notepad or glancing at his watch; The right words and phrases to use in your presentation to move your client closer to the close. Giglio hands you a phrase list to use to motivate your client to action. What to do when objections start to hit you like a ton of bricks - just when you thought you were gaining momentum. Giglio offers 10 effective ways to field objections and keep your client and yourself on message. How to handle the distracted client who seems confused, won't make eye contact, asks all the wrong questions, jumps up and runs out of the room to take a phone call, and demands to know the price before you've had a chance to make your point. Written with insight into the day-to-day selling environment, including real-world examples from Giglio's own experience and those of his clients, Beating the Deal-Killers will give salespeople everywhere the perspective and confidence they need to put his advice to work in their very next sales call.

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