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The ultimate guide to U.S. Special Forces skills, tactics, and techniques /

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內容簡介top The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Special Forces Skills, Tactics, and Techniques 簡介 Everyone knows that members of the U.S. Special Forces are the top-shelf, cr鋗e de la cr鋗e, A-Number-Ones, specially hand-picked people to train and serve as the avant garde of the largest, most well-funded military on the face of the earth. But that doesn happen overnight! There are special training proceduresver and above basic traininghat turn a swabbie into a SEAL, a grunt into a Green Beret, or a runt into a Ranger. Collected here for the first time is official information on USSF:??? Sniper training??? Reconnaissance??? Intelligence and interrogation??? Guerrilla warfare??? Nocturnal operations??? Fighting counter insurgencies??? And more!With hundreds of photographs and illustrations demonstrating proven tips and techniques, The Ultimate Guide to Special Forces Skills, Tactics, and Techniques provides everything a warrior needs to know to be fighter-ready and strong.

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