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100 campeones : Latino groundbreakers who paved the way in sport /

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內容簡介top 100 Campeones 簡介 An acknowledged expert in the field of sport history, this book is the fourth in (Richard Lapchick's) series, and targets significant contributions made by Latinos. As you would expect, it is well-researched, entertaining, and written with Richard's trademark penchant for candor and insight. I would not have expected less.---From the foreword by Dan Guerrero, UCLA Director of Athletics100 Campeones: Latino Groundbreakers Who Paved the Way in Sport is much more than a group of stories that feature the talents, triumphs, and tempests of the careers of Latinos in sport. It is a book of living history, rich in culture and tradition. It is a collection of firsts, of legends, and of names that will soon become familiar to the world. 100 Campeones is a treasure box of inspiring stories that were, at times, created out of dire hardship and oppression, but ended in victory.Part I focuses on Latinos in professional sports: MLB, NBA, NFL, golf, tennis, boxing, soccer, horse racing, NHL, and NASCAR. Catch up with the fiery figure of MLB manager Oswaldo "Ozzie" Guillen. Revisit history with Jim Plunkett, the first Latino quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Learn about the recent changes in golfer Lorena Ochoa's fantastic career.Part II offers a fresh viewpoint on the wonderful careers of Latino college athletes, their coaches, and the college administrators and athletic directors that distinguished themselves through hard work and leadership.Part III highlights the global theater of Latinos on the international stage and in the Olympics. Learn about Formula One superstars, track and field visionaries, soccer heroes, and the hidden stories of the Winter Olympic underdogs.

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