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The second edition of Contemporary Sport Management incorporates the most recent developments in the field, giving students and professionals a comprehensive and timely look at the world of sport management. Editors Janet Parks and Jerome Quarterman tap the expertise of 29 of the best researchers, practitioners, and teachers in the field to provide both contemporary examples and historical points of reference for their study. New chapters have been added to give readers more of the information they need in order to think critically about the ever-expanding sport management field. Contemporary Sport Management explores the new and growing scope of opportunities within the industry while surveying the historical, psychological, sociological, and philosophical foundations of sport. The easy-to-read format will allow readers to quickly grasp management and organizational concepts and apply them in sport enterprises. New to this edition are chapters on the ethical and legal aspects of sport management as well as thorough discussions about consumer behavior, sport publicity and public relations, sport finance, sport tourism, critical thinking, and sport management research. Other updated features of the text include · learning activities, glossary terms, and review questions for each chapter to aid reader comprehension; · detailed case studies, scenarios, and day-in-the-life examples to help readers see the relevance of the information covered; and · sources of additional information to assist readers who want to know and learn more. Part I, "Introduction to Sport Management," covers the disciplinary foundations of sport and physical activity, providing insight into sport as an influential cultural practice and formidable industry. Part II, "Social and Behavioral Foundations of Sport Management," presents information about the ethical, legal, sociological, and psychological aspects of sport and discusses the resulting implications for sport managers. Part III, "Organizational and Managerial Foundations of Sport Management," helps readers define the term organization and offers insight into how readers can become first-rate leaders and managers in sport. Part IV, "Selected Functional Areas of Sport Management," provides an overview of sport marketing, public relations, finance, facility management, intercollegiate athletics, pro sport, sport marketing and management agencies, tourism, and international sport to demonstrate the depth and breadth of knowledge that sport managers are required to have. Part V, "The Future of Sport Management," details approaches to sport management research as well as issues and emerging questions in the field. The second edition of Contemporary Sport Management is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in a sport management career. The revised text is a comprehensive learning resource and professional reference tool.

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