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去旅行 = Go traveling /

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轉寄 列印
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  The theme of Book Ten is “ Go traveling”.

  It collects the top 10 popular resorts in Taiwan.There are ten units: “Bisha Harbor in Jilong”, “Center for Traditional Arts in Yilan” , “Taroko in Hualien”, “East Coast in Hualien” , “Spend a  vacation in Kenting” , “Tainan Historic Sites cruise” ,” The sunrise in Mt. Ali”, “Cruise on Sun Moon Lake”, “Hsinchu Du Cheng Huang Temple” and ”The sunset in Tamsui” .

  Book Ten increase new useful sentence patterns and practical terms. Besides, we introduce well-known resorts in Taiwan in each unit and provide handy travel information for oversea tourists to learn Chinese while traveling around Taiwan.  


100堂中文課  100 Chinese Units

10去旅行Go Traveling

1Bisha Harbor in Jilong

2Center for Traditional Arts in Yilan

3Taroko in Hualien

4East Coast in Hualien

5Spend a Vacation in Kenting

6Tainan Historic Site Cruise

7The Sunrise in Mt. Ali

8Cruise on Sun Moon Lake

9Hsinchu Du Cheng Huang Temple

10The Sunset in Tamsui

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