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Write to the point : how to communicate in business with style and purpose /

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Write to the Point is designed to provide practical, proven techniques for making writing for business both more effective and less stressful. All levels of business and technical personnel-whose writing skills are essential to job performance and productivity-will find this easy-to-read guide invaluable and immediately useful every day. Write to the Point will also benefit the general writer and those for whom English is a second language. You will learn proven techniques developed in Dr. Iacone's seminars that will enable you to write with greater ease, proficiency, and clarity. A conversational, instructional format walks you through the actual stages of the writing process-from planning and writing the first draft to editing and proofreading. Helpful guidelines to correct punctuation, lists of often-confused words, and step-by-step procedures for generating effective e-mail, memos, letters, and reports are also included in this invaluable handbook.

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