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No B.S. sales success : the ultimate no holds barred, kick butt, take no prisoners & make tons of money guide /

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內容簡介top NO BS SALES SUCCESS 簡介 Sales Advice Not Swiped From Other Books! This book is about getting rich by becoming far better at the selling process that your competitors. What it is NOT is the kind of warmed-over, cliché-ridden advice you find replicated in a jillion other books on selling. Dan Kennedy would never have it that way. He offers a set of No B.S. strategies for overcoming obstacles to success, many of them self-imposed. Provocative, sarcastic, and irreverent, the book reads like the seminars Kennedy conducts around the world - events that cause a stampede to the back of the hall for his materials after he finishes his presentation. Learn: Dan’s 13 Eternal Truths About Selling The Surprising reasons you should "position" instead of prospect for sales How to structure a sale in six simple steps The secrets to becoming a true master at the art of persuasion

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