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Golf flex : 10 minutes a day to better play /

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Flexibility exercises are one of the most underutilized yet profoundly effective fitness activities available to golfers for both their long game and their short game. Increased flexibility not only increases power and control-it reduces the potential of injury. Presented in an easy-to-follow format, the Golf Flex program is simple and can be done at the office, on the course, or at home and requires only 10 minutes a day. Special sections include: first aid and simple rehabilitation for injuries, how to keep your rotator cuffs in good health, and head-to-toe stretch sequences for before and after a game of golf. Professional athletes have discovered the value of flexibility training, and have "flexibility specialists to stretch them before and after a game. Now you can have one of America's leading trainers be your guide to golf's secret weapon: Golf Flex.

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