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Fundamentals of digital signal processing using MATLAB /

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  This innovative text and CD-ROM focuses on the fundamentals of digital signal processing with an emphasis on practical applications. In order to motivate students, many of the examples illustrate the processing of speech and music. This theme is also a focus of the course software that features facilities for recording and playing sound on a standard PC. The accompanying CD-ROM contains a comprehensive MATLAB software package called the Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing (FDSP) toolbox. The FDSP toolbox includes chapter GUI modules, an extensive library of DSP functions, all computational examples that appear in the text, the text figures, solutions to selected problems, and online help documentation. Using the interactive GUI modules, students can explore, compare, and directly experience the effects of signal processing techniques without any need for programming.CONTENTS:1. Signal Processing2.2. Discrete-Time System Analysis3. The DFT and Spectral Analysis4. Convolution and Correlation5. Filter Specifications and Structures6. FIR Filter Design7. Multirate Signal Processing8. IIR Filter Design 9. Adaptive Signal Processing

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