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Playing ball with the boys : the rise of women in the world of men's sports /

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內容簡介top Playing Ball With the Boys 簡介 Betsy Ross, one of the first female anchors at ESPN, presents a galvanizing story of the changing---and growing---role of women in sports today. From reporters to news anchors, coaches to administrators, athletes to team doctors, women have shown they've got what it takes to succeed in what had been a men-only world.In Playing Ball with the Boys you'll find fascinating accounts of how more than twenty women climbed the ladder to success, overcoming obstacles through their passion and determination. Their exhilarating stories will inspire and invigorate your desire to achieve your potential and fulfill your dreams in sports or any field of endeavor.Playing Ball With the Boys introduces some of the pioneers along with a few of the modern-day heroes who illustrate how far women have come in the world of sport and how far we have yet to go.---Jean Driscoll, author of Determined to WinBetsy Ross is as an intelligent, hard-working, principled, and tenacious professional. She gives us a glimpse into the real world behind the scenes of women, like herself, who have had to battle every step of the way to earn their place in history.---George Grande, former ESPN anchor and TV baseball broadcasterPlaying Ball with the Boys shows how women and girls can succeed in sports, if just given the equal opportunity.---Tom Jackson, ESPN NFL analyst

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