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作者介紹 10 The Elephant^s Child by Rudyard Kipling 大象的孩子拉迪亞德.吉卜林 Part One The Elephant^s Child wants some answers 15 喜歡尋根問底的孩子 Part two The great, grey, green Limpopo River 19灰綠色的林波波河 Part three The Elephant^s Child and the crocodile 24 小鱷魚拉長象鼻 Elephants 大象 30 Internet project 34 Pigs is Pigs by Ellis Parker Butler 豬就是豬帕克.巴特勒 Part One The correct price for pigs 37 豬的準確運價 Part two Letters about pigs 42 投訴信 Part three Pigs will never be pigs again 48 豬不再是豬 Mrs Packletide^s Tiger by Saki 帕克泰德夫人的老虎薩基 Part One Mrs Packletide shoots a tiger 60 帕克泰德夫人打死一隻老虎 Part two Triumph and disaster 66 勝利和災難 Tigers the world^s largest cats 71 老虎——世界上最大的貓 Internet project 74 The Stolen White Elephant by Mark Twain 白象失竊案馬克.吐溫 Part One A royal present 77 國王的禮物被偷 Part two Inspector Blunt gives his orders 84 警官下令捉拿罪犯 Part three The end of the case 90 破案 The Shameful Behaviour of a Fox Terrier 狐犬的可恥行徑 from Three Men in a Boat by J

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