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A comprehensive, professional-level guide to the making of sausages and cured meats

The art of charcuterie has been practiced since the fifteenth century, but in recent years interest has escalated in this artisanal specialty. P璽t矇s, cured meats, terrines, and gourmet sausages are staples at upscale restaurants as well as cocktail and dinner parties. Modern charcutiers have introduced new and exciting techniques and flavors for delicious (and even healthy) charcuterie. Written by John Kowalski and the experts at the CIA,

The Art of Charcuterie

covers every aspect of this rediscovered culinary art: curing and brining, smoking, terrines, p璽t矇s, sausages, herbs and seasonings, sauces and relishes, and kitchen sanitation.

•    Features thorough explanations of tools of the trade, kitchen equipment, and ingredients

•    Includes technical and nutritional explanations of all the meats used in the charcuterie kitchen and how to best prepare them

•    Heavily illustrated with 200 full-color photographs, including techniques and finished items

The Art of Charcuterie

is the ultimate companion for professionals and dedicated home cooks who want to master both traditional and contemporary techniques.

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