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Behind the scenes at the BBFC : film classification from the silver screen to the digital age /

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內容簡介top Behind the Scenes at the Bbfc 簡介 The uncovering the truly extraordinary history of the British Board of Film Classification for the very first time from its conception in 1912 to present dayThe British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has a truly extraordinary history which is uncovered in this book for the very first time. With exclusive access to the archives Behind the Scenes at the BBFC is an eye-opening account of how the BBFC works with film markets. It is also an extraordinary insight into how society has changed over the period with thoughts on nudity, violence and what the public will ?and won't stomach ?emerging from the pages. Containing case studies, letters between the censors and film directors, as well as contributions as some key pieces about some of the top films of recent years including Harry Potter, this is the first time that outsiders will see into this Great British institute.

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