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Optimal power--the ideal combination of speed and strength--is the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete. "Sports Power" provides all the tools to build sport-specific power and allow you to attain the highest level of performance. Every sport has unique power demands. Whether it's explosive running and jumping, a quick burst out of the starting block, or contacting and moving an opponent, developing the right proportion of strength and speed is crucial to optimizing athletic power. With the revolutionary speed-strength-power continuum in "Sports Power," you can determine the ideal mix of strength-based and speed-based power required for your sport. Four to six week training programs designed for maximum results may be applied as presented or customized to individual needs using the seven-step program design process. Training exercises combine resistance training, plyometrics, speed drills, and cutting-edge power development techniques. Train to excel in your sport. Every workout with "Sports Power" will put you another step ahead of the competition.

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