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Staging the old faith : Queen Henrietta Maria and the theatre of Caroline England, 1625-42 /

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內容簡介top Staging the Old Faith 簡介 Thisis the first book length study to examine Caroline theater as a space where the concerns of the English Roman Catholic community are staged. Rebecca Bailey juxtaposes a detailed analysis of Queen Henrietta Maria's ground-breaking performances, which showcased to an elite audience her role as defender of English Catholics, against an exploration of how this community responded to such a startling vision, in particular through the politically charged texts of James Shirley and William Davenant. This engagement on the stage with the anxieties and hopes of the English Catholic community (properly contextualized within the wider and increasingly fragmented religious landscape in the years leading to civil war) opens up Caroline commercial theater as a site which energetically discussed the explosive religio-political topics of the cultural moment.

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