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This dynamic new volume conceived and edited by Mark Schena features twenty-four cutting-edge chapters from the leading laboratories in the hot new field of protein microarrays. Dr. Schena, who published the first two papers on DNA microarrays in 1995 and 1996, extends his original vision of parallelism and miniaturization to advance the protein microarray field, which promises important breakthroughs in disease diagnostics and drug discovery, as well as basic research on protein expression, development, the immune system, aging, behavior, and other issues central to medicine. Protein Microarrays is the first comprehensive treatment of protein microarray technology, and includes detailed descriptions of manufacturing methods, surface chemistry, detection strategies, and data analysis for antigen, antibody, and peptide microarray assays. The book also presents numerous biological applications and experimental protocols not available from any other source. Protein! Microarrays is an exceptional treatise and essential reading for everyone in the microarray and proteomics fields.

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