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Fourth Edition

of Robert K. Yin’s bestselling text presents the breadth of the case study method but at a detailed level.A藩 It serves as a complete portal to the world of case study research.


Fourth Edition

now covers more than 50 case studies, about one-quarter of them not cited in earlier editions, with vignettes of the case studies appearing throughout the text. Similarly, this edition contains numerous citations to the most recent literature. New methodological insights cover the similarities between case studies and other social science methods. The book gives fresh attention to different quantitative analyses as they might be used as parts of case studies and also discusses more fully the use of mixed methods research designs. The

Fourth Edition

retains two important components in much their same form, from previous editions. The first is the chapter on composing case study research, given the importance yet difficulty of the compositional process. The second is Donald Campbell’s insightful foreword.

Key Features

Provides sound principles of case study research put into practice to identify and suggest solutions to problems commonly encountered when doing case studies

Contains 44 boxes throughout the book describe real case studies in many different fields. The boxed examples illustrate points made in the text.

Offers a comprehensive approach to presenting the case study method

Pays special attention to case study design and analysis.

Incorporates more pedagogy. For instance, chapter titles are followed with a brief abstract that summarizes the chapter’s contents.

Intended Audience

This text is ideal for students and instructors in the departments of Public Administration, Political Science, Education, Economics, Management and Psychology.

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