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The Beyond Access model : promoting membership, participation, and learning for students with disabilities in the general education classroom /

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內容簡介top The Beyond Access Model 簡介 How can educators create inclusive classrooms where students with intellectual and developmental disabilities not only participate and communicate, but also learn academic content? The groundbreaking model in this book is the answer. Practical, forward-thinking, and person-centered, the Beyond Access Model shows education professionals what meaningful inclusive education looks like and gives them the critical guidance they need to make it happen.A researched approach developed by three inclusive education experts from the University of New Hampshire's respected Institute on Disability, the Beyond Access Model works because itpresumes competence and encourages high expectations, so all students reach their full potentialis consistent with the problem-solving framework of the popular and effective Response to Intervention modelgoes beyond functional skills to help students learn general education curriculum contentfosters successful collaborative teaming, so the educational team engages in honest and respectful communication, makes sound decisions, and works on adjustments if neededis flexible and adaptable, not a rigid "cookbook" approach to inclusive education planninghelps teachers support students' communication through effective use of augmentative communication strategiesfacilitates strong family-school partnerships, so education professionals and parents learn from each other's expert knowledgeThis accessible book guides educators and administrators through every phase of the Beyond Access Model, from assessing current student supports to reviewing and sustaining the benefits of new inclusive education strategies. Vignettes and examplesncluding a detailed, real-life "before and after" case studyividly illustrate how the model improves students' educational experience and outcomes. And more than a dozen adaptable checklists, forms, and templates give educators the structure they need as they begin planning and implementing inclusion strategies. An innovative model that can transform schools and lives, The Beyond Access Model will ensure that students with disabilities enjoy the benefits of full membership, participation, and learning within truly inclusive classroom communities.

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