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Sport facility management : organizing events and mitigating risks /

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內容簡介top Sport Facility Management 簡介 In Recent Years, the Construction of New Sport Facilities has steadily increased. In North America alone, there are 120 major professional sport franchises and 90 of these teams are playing in new stadiums, or are planning to construct new facilities. While stadiums and sporting facilities have long dotted the physical and cultural landscape, the new arenas are being built with features that will appeal to a wider variety of users.Sport and event facility managers must understand now more than ever the synergy between the events, the physical structures, and myriad risks inherent in organizing an event. For anyone interested in a facility management career, it is imperative to be familiar with the principles and techniques that pertain to small facilities and events as well as multisport facilities and mega-events alike.This fully revised and expanded second edition is an ideal text for students in sport facility and event management courses as well as an invaluable reference for managers and industry professionals. Written by a team of recognized scholars in the sport management field, Sport Facility Management: Organizing Events and Mitigating Risks, 2nd Edition provides readers with both the theoretical foundations and practical applications for understanding the sporting event industry.The authors have organized and presented a wealth of information surrounding sport and entertainment events, their risks, and the facilities in which events take place. The clear and concise style of writing is further supplemented with photographs, industry examples, chapter summaries, and study questions to assist students in gaining an overall understanding of the sporting event industry.

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