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Medical English for clinical purposes /

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《Medical English for Clinical Purposes(臨床醫護英文)附MP3》 Medical English for Clinical Purposes provides essential content knowledge and medical language training in several specific areas for nursing students in order to enhance their English skills. 16 units, each with 8 elements 1. Learning Goals pathway to learning; preview of material 2. Reading articles about common diseases or clinical situation 3. Health Education variety of treatments, suggestions and extra essentials 4. ESP Words highlighted vocabulary-easy to find and remember 5. Related Web Sites searches, professional links, further reading 6. Vocabulary and Phrases essential words lists 7. Sentence Patterns important sentence structures, explanations and examples 8. Exercises review of material and instructor feedback 由護理學系各科專業教師及外籍教師聯合編撰,專為國內大專院校、技職學院的醫護英文課程而設計。 本書架構: ●共分十六單元,符合學校課程設計需求 ●針對各科別的常見症狀,發展單元內容 ●每個單元內容,各分為八個部份: I. Learning Goal-詳列學習目標 II. Reading-閱讀單元介紹短文 III. ESP Words-學習醫護英文字彙 IV.Health Education-深入講解正確的醫療觀念 V. Related Web Sites-提供英文網頁資訊,供進一步檢索 VI. Vocabulary and Phrases-羅列相關重要單字及詞彙 VII.Sentence Patterns-簡要的句型文法提示 VIII.Exercise-選擇、填充及問答練習題 ● 書後有各單元Exercise解答及所有單字列表 ● 附課文及單字朗讀MP3 編輯群 主編策劃 黃金誠 編  著 王振玲、方淑慧、方月燕、吳伶芳、邱宜令、林麗櫻、 洪麗專、曹嘉秀、陳淑銘、陳少芬、蔡家梅、蔡瑤、 蔡綠蓉、廖怡惠、簡綺瑩、郭倩琳 (按筆劃順序) 英文編輯 Joel Stocker, Mo Reddad

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