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The lesson plans in Interdisciplinary Learning Through Dance: 101 MOVEntures are broad (covering six disciplines) and deep (101 plans in all). Each lesson is based on national standards and has been field tested with students in grades K-5 with positive results. In fact, both teachers and students enjoy the plans and the learning gained through Interdisciplinary Learning Through Dance: 101 MOVEntures. Teachers value the materials: a book, a music CD to be used with selected lessons, and a 60-minute DVD that demonstrates teaching methodologies and shows selected lesson plans in action. All are designed to be used in lessons that focus on science, social studies, language arts, math, physical education, and creative arts. Students respond with enthusiasm to the active learning of subjects through playful movement. The book’s content inspires engaging and active learning with these features: • Basic language of dance • How-tos of lesson planning • Classroom-management techniques • Thinking tools for promoting conceptual understanding • Assessment choices and forms Each lesson plan addresses the national standards for dance and the core curriculum subject areas, as well as the grade level, length, student objectives, and materials needed. In addition, each plan contains these special features: • Introduction • Moving adventure • Assessment • Extensions The book explores the benefits of crossing curricular boundaries with dance and delves into the vocabulary of dance and the pedagogy for creating moving adventures, or MOVEntures. It lays out the 101 lesson plans in six disciplines, providing assessment tools, lesson schematics, and additional resources– including the national standards and thinking tools. Complete. Cross-disciplinary. Broad and deep. Instructive. And fun. Teachers can’t go wrong with Interdisciplinary Learning Through Dance: 101 MOVEntures, because the students learn the subjects and come back wanting to learn more.

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