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Coaching knowledges : understanding the dynamics of sport performance /

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內容簡介top Coaching Knowledges 簡介 Too often coaching is seen by sports science students as mechanistic and prescriptive. What a coach does in training and on the sidelines, however, is far more complex and involved than simply setting exercises and drills. Effective coaching requires a range of 'knowledges', from the pedagogical to the sociological, physiological and psychological. In this book teachers, lecturers and coaches from Bath University's 'Team Bath' coaching and teaching faculty look at how various 'knowledges' influence every coach's daily practices.?/DIV>The book will have three sections. The first section will be written by sports scholars who have or are still coaching. Section two will be written by coach educators who are active elite coaches. The final section will feature three indepth interviews with three master international coaches.

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