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School money matters : a handbook for principals /

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Even the best educational leaders can be unprepared for the responsibility of spending and accounting for the thousands of dollars that pass through a school's books each year. Without a solid understanding of school financial management, administrators may find it a serious distraction from their primary pedagogical mission. They also risk damage to their careers and to the reputations of their schools.School Money Matters is a concise, practical desk reference, based on sound accounting principles and written specifically for professionals at the school level. It includes understandable guidance on the following critical topics: * Admission Tickets * Audits * Bank Reconciliation * Bookkeeping Basics * School Credit/Purchasing Cards * Employee Embezzlement * Encumbrance of Funds * Field Trips * Fund-Raising Events * Gifts to Students or Staff * Online Purchasing and Electronic Banking Transfers * Parent Organizations * Petty Cash * Raffles * Staff Reimbursement * The School Budget * The School Store * Transfers and Adjustments * Vending Services Featuring a comprehensive glossary of school financial management terms, graphic organizers to clarify complex accounting concepts, and a checklist for monitoring financial activities throughout the year, this book provides the information principals need to safeguard school funds and protect themselves--and their staffs--from the suspicion of theft or laxness. It also comes with a CD-ROM of downloadable financial forms that principals can use and disseminate in their own schools.Davida W. Mutter is a consultant and the former Assistant Superintendent for Budget and Finance for Chesapeake (Va.) Public Schools. Pam J. Parker is a certified public accountant, a certified internal auditor, and the former Chief Internal Auditor for Chesapeake Public Schools.

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