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More language arts, math, and science for students with severe disabilities /

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內容簡介top More Language Arts, Math, and Science for Students With Severe Disabilities 簡介 How can today? educators teach academic content to students with moderate and severe developmental disabilities?hile helping all students meet Common Core State Standards? This text has answers for K-12 teachers, straight from 37 experts in special and general education. A followup to the landmark bestseller Teaching Language Arts, Math, and Science to Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities, this important text prepares teachers to ensure more inclusion, more advanced academic content, and more meaningful learning for their students. Teachers will have the cutting-edge research and recommended practices they need to identify and deliver grade-aligned instructional content?eading to more opportunities and better quality of life for students with severe disabilities.PREPARE TEACHERS TO skillfully adapt lessons in language arts, math, and science for students with disabilities align instruction with Common Core State Standards select target skills and goals differentiate instruction using appropriate supports and assistive technologies balance academic goals and functional skills make the most of effective instructional procedures such as peer tutoring, cooperative learning, and co-teaching maintain high expectations for student achievement promote generalization by embedding instruction into ongoing classroom activities assess students??progress and make adjustments to instruction PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Detailed vignettes based on the authors??real-life experiences, teaching examples and guidelines that illustrate recommended practices, helpful figures and tables, resource lists, and suggestions for incorporating technology into teaching and learning.

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