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The welfare state in emerging-market economies : with case studies from Latin America, Eastern-Central Europe, and Asia /

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The book is the outcome of prolonged, combined efforts of international social policy experts to extent the scope and the depth of welfare state analysis to new shores. The reader of this book may travel across the world, study formerly neglected case studies, and thus acquire an ample harvest of new knowledge. Traditional thoughts and theories may be supported or may be adapted to fit to new empirical realities of welfare state case studies in less-researched countries of the world. This particular book managed to bring to the reader a better understanding of otherwise greatly unfamiliar social welfare and welfare state systems. In an increasingly interconnected world, the understanding of social policy, programs and policies on the ground, need be triangulated with experiences from across the world. The case studies on developing countries in Latin America, Eastern-Central Europe, and Asia, included in this outstanding book have to a great extent increased the available information for policy- and theory-building. Table of Contents 1. Marco Polo and the Future of Welfare State Analysis: An Introduction: Christian Aspalter 2. The Welfare State in Chile: David E. Hojman 3. The Welfare State in Brazil: Evolution, Problems and Trands of Social Policy: Pedro Cesar Lima de Farias 4. The Welfare State in Czech Republic: Vojtech Krebs 5. Pension Reform in Poland: Stanislaw Kluza and Krzysztof Ostaszewski 6. The Hungarian Model: Social Policy at the Crossroads: Zoltan Karpati and Zsuzsa Szeman 7. The Welfare State System in India: Christian Aspalter 8. The Welfare State in Mainland China: From Enterprise-Based to Insurance-Based Social Security: Nelson W.S. Chow and Christian Aspalter 9. The Welfare State System in Malaysia: John Doling and Roziah Omar 10. Welfare Reform in Taiwan: The Asian Financial Turbulence and Its Political Implication: Ku Yeun-Wen 11. The Welfare State in South Korea: Implications of the Economic Crisis: Kwon Soonman

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