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內容簡介top Childhood Socialization 簡介 Norman Denin presents a social psychological account ofhow the lives of children are shaped by social interaction,particularly interaction with parents and other caretakers.He examines the special language of children, theirsocialiation experiences, and the emergence of their selfconceptions-all as they occur in natural surroundings:daycare centers, homes, playgrounds, schools, and manyother places. Denin is concerned not with sequentialdevelopmental changes during childhood, but with howchildren themselves enter into the processes that lead toself-awareness, socialied abilities and attribute-suchas pride, perceptiveness, dignity, and poise.Through his symbolic interactionist approach, Deninshows how language-the key link between children andothers-is required in everyday interpersonal relationshipsand how the sense of self develops as linguistic skillsgrow. He stresses the importance of play and games asprocesses by which children teach themselves about socialbehavior; he also shows that, for children, play takes onthe seriousness of adults' work.Denin maintains that the definitions of childhoodby the 1970s had become detrimentally entrenched ineducational and political policies regarding children. Herecommends a new definition that recognies children asindividuals seeking meaning for their own actions. Thisbook will be valuable to all social scientists concerned withsymbolic and linguistic foundations of the socialiationprocess. A new introduction reviews developments sincepublication of the original edition. This book raises theinteractions between adults and children to a new level.

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