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Nature education with young children : integrating inquiry and practice /

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內容簡介top Nature Education With Young Children 簡介 Nature Education with Young Children is a thoughtful, sophisticated teacher resource that blends theory and practice on nature education, children's inquiry-based learning, and reflective teaching. The book guiding conceptual framework is founded upon the integration of four key ideas for effective and transformative nature education:?The power and value of equity and access to nature education?Effective teaching encompasses child development domains and integrates ECE curriculum ?Children learn best through inquiry-based and child-centered teaching?Powerful teaching is founded upon teacher inquiry and reflection. Implementing nature study is one critical way that educators can integrate more science learning across the ECE curriculum and do so in an active, discovery-based manner. Nature Education with Young Children strives for an American version of what the Reggio Emilia educators do so well: creating a seamless integration of science concepts into the daily intellectual investigations that occur in classrooms everywhere.

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