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Using festivals to inspire and engage young children : a month-by-month guide /

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內容簡介top Using Festivals to Inspire and Engage Young Children 簡介 Religious events and cultural celebrations form an important part of societies throughout the world. They are key to social development and understanding, for celebrating diversity, as well as finding common ground. Covering a wide range of festivals from around the world, this book shows practitioners and teachers how they can introduce young children to some of the ideas behind these events and encourage them to have fun, get creative and work together. Aimed at those working with children aged 3 ?7, Using Festivals to Inspire and Engage Young Children covers a range of cultural celebration by each calendar month, explaining the background to these events and provides fun and imaginative activities and stories based around each one. Features include:a basic outline of each festival;a wide range of activities to suit children at different stages in their development;development and learning aims at the end of each chapter;suggestions for working with parents and links with home;top tips for creating your own activities relating to celebrations;story models that can be adapted and used to suit different events.Highly practical with an emphasis on fun and hands on learning, this book is a fantastic resource for Early Years practitioners, Primary School teachers and those that want to inspire young children and celebrate the world we live in.

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