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Comprehensive evaluations : case reports for psychologists, diagnosticians, and special educators /

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內容簡介top Comprehensive Evaluations 簡介 Comprehensive Evaluations provides multiple models of psychological and educational reports on children, adolescents, and adults written by experts in the fields of psychology, special education, and speech-language. This volume provides practitioners and those in training with numerous examples of diagnostic reports that address the most common types of disabilities. Many of the contributors are themselves authors of frequently used test batteries. Reports are included by Vincent Alfonso, Randy Kamphaus, Virginia Berninger, Milton Dehn, Ron Dumont, Colin Elliott, Steven Feifer, Catherine Fiorello, Dawn Flanagan, Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Sam Goldstein, Brad Hale, Nadeen Kaufman, Elizabeth Lichtenberger, Steve McCallum, George McCloskey, Jack Naglieri, Samuel Ortiz, Cecil Reynolds, Gale Roid, Barbara Wendling, John Willis, and more. The preface, written by John Willis, explains the importance of comprehensive evaluations in determining the reason for a student's educational difficulties and selecting the most appropriate accommodations and interventions.

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