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Assessing reasoning and problem solving : a sourcebook for elementary school teachers /

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Here's a new, effective and easy-to-use way to assess what elementary students know about math...and how they arrive at their answers! Includes dozens of slice-of-life math problems that children can relate to and enjoy solving-individually or as small groups-in the classroom or beyond. Teacher's notes help guide students in planning and carrying out each project-to help them realize that math is an integral part of living. Ready-to-copy student worksheets, with one problem per page. Ready-to-copy, easy-to-use forms for assessing observations, interviews, projects, etc.-objectively, accurately and in a minimum amount of time. In more and more schools, students are now being assessed not only on traditional (algorithmic and computational) math skills, but also on how-and how well-they handle reasoning and problem solving. However, until now, these additional skills have been difficult to assess in an objective, accurate and efficient way. But not any more. "Comprehensive assessment" includes the traditional paper-and-pencil tests plus relatively new ways (e.g., portfolios, journals, observations, interviews, projects, performance tasks, rubrics) to assess what students know about math, and how they reason, solve problems and communicate about it. This unique new handbook provides everything you need-background information, problems for various grade levels, detailed answers, forms, teaching suggestions-to assess students throughout the semester or at any time...easily, accurately and effectively! Stephen Krulik has over 15 years of classroom teaching experience and over 25 years as a professor of mathematics at Temple University. The author of more than a dozen professional books for teachers (many published with Allyn & Bacon) and numerous articles, he has served as a member of the team that wrote the Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics. Jesse A. Rudnick taught for 15 years in the Philadelphia Public Schools and has been a professor of Mathematics Education at Temple for over 25 years. Dr. Rudnick was a past director of the NCTM, a regional director of NCSM, and president of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Philadelphia and Vicinity.

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