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Developing the physical education curriculum : an achievement-based approach /

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Developing the Physical Education Curriculum: An Achievement-Based Approach presents a breakthrough model that guides physical educators step by step through the process of translating curriculum theory into functional practice. The achievement-based curriculum (ABC) approach is not bound to a particular curriculum theory or philosophy; rather, it provides educators with a systematic decision-making process to help them develop a curriculum that addresses unique and diverse needs. And it allows educators to incorporate national, state, and local content and assessment standards in their curricula. The book takes students through every phase of curriculum design: foundational understanding of design, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Further, it shows students how to document that their curriculum is working—a valuable asset in an era of budget cuts. Other special features of Developing the Physical Education Curriculum: An Achievement-Based Approach include the following: • Opening Scenario, Expected Outcomes, and Making It Work special elements in each chapter to help students understand how to apply the book’s content in school settings and in their future work as teachers or administrators • Instruction on implementing the curriculum and sharing it with others • Strategies for planning, implementing, and evaluating a curriculum and establishing credibility for it •Emphasis on student achievement as an indicator of a quality physical education program • Forms and worksheets (completed examples and blanks) that give students a hands-on approach to developing, assessing, and revising a curriculum In Part I, teachers learn the foundation for curriculum development; examine physical education mandates, standards, and curriculum models; and are grounded in the achievement-based curriculum approach. In Part II, teachers delve into the active planning of a curriculum. They explore the philosophy, goals, objectives, and policies of a curriculum; program planning; and how to develop functional assessments. In Part III, teachers learn how to maximize student learning and enhance teacher effectiveness through developing assessment-based teacher templates and student learning formats. In Part IV, teachers learn how to evaluate student progress and program merit and how to use this information to be effective advocates for their physical education programs and their profession. Developing the Physical Education Curriculum: An Achievement-Based Approach presents the complete framework for an accountable curriculum that meets the diverse needs of students and the real-world challenges of physical educators.

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