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Helping students fix problems and avoid crises : an easy-to-use intervention resource for grades 1-4 /

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"Provides a sequential method for teaching the skills children need to help themselves. . . I can see where this book will be one that is dog-eared and never just sitting on the shelf."Mary Ann Sweet, Counselor Tomball Elementary School, TX "This book offers real steps for helping empower kids. The lessons are designed in such a way that all children within a classroom would benefit, whether they are the child for whom the lesson was designed or the one for whom the lesson will build empathy, compassion, and understanding. Most books out there are not user friendly, providing off-the-shelf lessons. Mr. Greene has taken a truly easy-to-use methodical approach to problems kids face that can become a pivotal point in turning them around at an earlier age."Beverly Eidmann, PrincipalManzanita Elementary School, CA "Very practical and usable units, easy to understand and carry out. . . . Child-centered and internally empowering for the student." Robert DiGiulio, Author and Educator Johnson State College, VT Turn classroom problems into life skills opportunities! For every teacher who has been at a loss to help the student who seemed helpless, this is a resource that cannot be missed. In Helping Students Fix Problems and Avoid Crises, Lawrence J. Greene details instructional principles to help educators model and mentor effective life skills behaviors for their students. For the child who doesn’t have friends, does poorly in sports, has difficulty learning, or who steals, lies, or bullies, Greene provides solid, proven methods to help these learners discover and practice better life skills. Helping Students Fix Problems and Avoid Crises includes: Insightful stories for teachers and students illustrating each problem Practical activities and exercises illustrating techniques to help students address each problem Supplemental reproducible exercises Encouraging follow-up and application exercisesGreene divides each problematic issue into two sections: for educators, he looks at the dynamics and implications of each problem, and for students, he provides classroom scripts and exercises to bring their own awareness to their problems. This essential classroom resource also includes illuminating ten-minute read-aloud stories, strategic thinking questions, optional activities, and reproducible exercises! (20060510)

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