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Data structures and algorithm analysis in Java /

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  As the speed and power of computers increases, so does the need for effective programming and algorithm analysis. By approaching these skills in tandem, Mark Allen Weiss teaches readers to develop well-constructed, maximally efficient programs in Java.A full language update to Java 5.0 throughout the text--particularly its use of generics–adds immeasurable value to this advanced study of data structures and algorithms. This Second Edition features integrated coverage of the Java Collections Library as well as a complete revision of lists, stacks, queues, and trees.


  1.Up-to-date use of Java 5.0 including its use of generics.

  2.Integrated coverage of the Java Collections Library.

  3.Discussion of algorithm and design techniques covers greedy algorithms, divide and conquer algorithms, dynamic programming, randomized algorithms, and backtracking.

  4.Covers topics and data structures such as Fibonacci heaps, skew heaps, binomial queue, skip lists and splay trees.

  5.A full chapter on amortized analysis examines the advanced data structures presented earlier in the book.

  6.Chapter on advanced data structures and their implementation covers red black trees, top down splay trees, treaps, k-d trees, pairing heaps, and more.

  7.End-of-chapter exercises, ranked by difficulty, reinforce the material from the chapter while providing readers an opportunity to put those concepts into practice.

  8.PowerPoint figures and solutions to exercises are available to qualified instructors.

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