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Brain & behavior : an introduction to biological psychology /

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內容簡介top Brain & Behavior 簡介 The scientific rigor of this text is maintained in this latest edition with new and updated topics, including the role of neural connectivity and synchrony, changing views of Alzheimer's disease, the unique behaviour of place cells and emerging understanding of epigenetic influences on behaviour. Updated opening vignettes, 'Application' and 'In the News' features, frequent examples and illustrative case studies draw students into the material. The broader societal relevance of biopsychology has been strengthened as well, covering diverse topics such as ethical implications of stem-cell research, costs of addictions and disorders, new strategies for treating brain and spinal cord damage, and more. In addition, 500 new references and 50 illustrations have been added, and 60 illustrations have been revised to enhance their educational impact.

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