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Bodyweight training handbook : bodyweight exercises, tips & tricks to lose weight, build muscle and get fit fast! /

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內容簡介top Bodyweight Training Handbook 簡介 Discover the secret the gyms don't want you to know!...Unlock the power of training with your own body - Grab Your Copy Now!Developed with input from top fitness experts and personal trainers this easy-to-use guide reveals the tips and tricks for building muscle, losing weight and getting fit for ZERO cost.With the 'Bodyweight Training Handbook' you can look great, increase fitness and improve your health with nothing but your own body. No equipment, no gym and no money.- Powerful, simple and free bodyweight exercises for each body part- The truth about burning fat- How to 'Cheat' at Cardio (and get the same results in a fraction of the time!)- How to easily work out the number of reps tailored for you...- Building muscle vs getting toned- The 6-pack secret most people overlook- The 30 second diet secret- How to create a bodyweight workout routineAnd much more!Best of all there is no complicated routines or fitness jargon, just killer tips and effective bodyweight exercises you can do today!Click and Grab Your Copy Now!

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